what to do if an animal attacks you?

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Hopefully, you will never meet a hungry lion and never have to run away from a rhino or swim away from a crocodile. Still, if you do, it is essential to know how to behave appropriately to stay alive.
Here are the most prominent techniques that will save your life if an animal attacks you.

Animal attacks: Sharks

The American Maximus website said that it is good to know that out of the 150 species of sharks on the planet, only 20 species tend to attack humans because most sharks do not consider humans food for them. However, if the shark attacks you, it will be complicated to escape.
To avoid attracting sharks toward you, avoid leaking blood or urine into the water, as sharks can perceive the odor from several kilometers.
● If you encounter a shark face to face, do not turn your back on it, and do not try to escape in a panic. By doing so, you will look like prey instead swim slowly away from it.
● If the shark catches you, aim – that is, attack – towards its eyes and gills because these areas are sensitive.

Animal attacks: Lion

If you meet a lion, look him in the eye, do not turn your back, and do not look away because the lack of eye contact will give the predator time to attack.

● Try to look bigger, raise your arms or your jacket; if you look big and dangerous, the predator will try to avoid attacking you.

● Talk to the lion in a loud and confident voice, and make noises to show him that your actions do not sound like the actions of prey, which will mislead the animal and look at you as a nuisance. It is better to stay away from it.

Animal attacks: The elephants

The site reports that elephants are intelligent and friendly animals, yet they may be willing to attack you, especially if you assume you are a danger to their young.

● If you meet an elephant, pay attention to its body language. For example, twisting its body and pointing its ears back means it will trample on you.

● If this animal attacks you, do not run away. Instead, try to find something that forms a barrier between you and the elephant, such as a rock or a tree.


The rhino has a fragile eye, so it is easy to provoke fear, prompting it to attack anything.
It is reported that the speed of a rhino can reach 60 kilometers per hour, so it is complicated to escape from. Regardless, it is still doable to save your life.
● The only way to hide from a rhino is to stand behind a tree, which is a significant obstacle for him. This animal will not follow you if you enter the bushes or high grass.


The site indicated that the hippopotamus appears to be a cute animal. However, hippos kill more people than crocodiles; despite their weight, they can run at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour. Moreover, hippos are quick to anger.
● If the temperature is high, try not to walk among the cut branches, as the water level drops during drought and the hippos disappear in the tall grass.
● To make the hippopotamus leave you alone, climb a tree, a large rock, or a high hill, and wait there for the animal to go away.


Contrary to popular belief, bulls get angry when they see movement, not red or any other color.
● That’s why if the bull starts running towards you, stand up straight, use your hat, shirt, or other clothing as bait, and as soon as the bull gets close enough, toss the piece of clothing aside, and the bull will run after it.
A jellyfish sting causes excruciating pain that lasts for a long time.
● Immediately after being stung by a jellyfish, wash the affected area with salt water.
It is noteworthy that drinking water will only aggravate the situation. After that, use a stick or tweezers to remove the remains of jellyfish tentacles. If you have an antihistamine ointment, apply it to the place of the string.

Alligator or crocodile                          

The site mentioned that the jaws of these animals represent one of the most robust jaws on the planet. If caught by an alligator or a crocodile, it will not be easy to free yourself from it.
● If a crocodile catches you, hit its eyes, as the eyes and throats of these animals are sensitive areas for them.
● If you notice this predator crawling towards you through the ground, try to make as much noise as possible and run in a zigzag line. This is the case where running and screaming are the best solutions.
● If you see a crocodile while swimming, try not to make sounds of water splashing or screaming so as not to attract his attention, and try to stay away from him in complete calm.


Most snakes are non-dangerous and non-venomous, and 80% of them do not bite humans except in cases where they are trying to catch them.
● If you notice a snake following you, trample on the ground hard because your vibration will mislead it and force it to stop chasing you.
● If the snake has bitten you, do not try to suck the poison out of the wound, as in the films. It is more beneficial to wash the wound with tap water and attach a bandage to stop the bleeding, then call the rescue service.


Gorillas are called “the jungle kings” because they act like authentic leaders who protect their families and their private space, and if you behave well while you are with them, they are less likely to attack you.
Sit so that you don’t look bigger or taller than the gorilla, and try to whisper and avoid looking directly into his eyes.
● If this animal attacks you, roll on like a ball because the gorilla does not attack the weak and cannot protect themselves.


Bees always try to protect their hive, so they will likely sting you even if you pass by the multitude.
● Dark colors attract the attention of bees, so if you wear a dark shirt, you are very likely to sting.
● If a swarm or just a few bees chase you, hide in a dark place, as the lack of light will mislead them.

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