Can humans eat grass?

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An indispensable attribute of summer is the smell of freshly cut grass. The fresh aroma is so intoxicating that it seems logical to make some salad from juicy and fresh grass because almost all animals eat it! can humans eat grass?
Even cats and dogs are sometimes not averse to eating fresh grass, but why is a person can’t eat it?

Can humans eat grass?

Of course, you can eat grass. But this makes no sense, and in some cases, this can lead to not the most pleasant consequences. Unlike ruminants, which have a specialized digestive system, including a four-chambered stomach, humans cannot absorb the nutrients found in grass. Therefore, if you gorge on grass, you will most likely feel sick or experience diarrhea. At a minimum, the grass will come out undigested.

In addition, eating grass is harmful to human teeth. Grass contains a lot of silica. If you start eating it, the enamel of your teeth will quickly wear off. Goats, sheep, and other ruminants do not have this problem.

Firstly, the features of their jaws make it possible to grind grass, and secondly, the teeth of such animals are constantly growing, which means that the worn tooth surface can be replaced with a new one.
Interestingly, there was a period in history when people could digest grass. This was about 3.5 million years ago. Our distant relatives, had teeth well suited for the task.

In a documentary about World War II in the Pacific, a former officer of the Imperial Japanese Army said that it is quite possible to survive in the jungle. Even without supplies from outside. Like, monkeys live there. You look at the monkeys, and in some situations, you take an example from them. If a monkey eats something, then a person can eat it quite calmly.

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