Survival in the forest

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We will try to quickly tell you how to 100% survive anywhere and without unique means. First of all, remember: do you want to live? To stay, because survival in forest is a reality!

It’s about survival in the forest, in which you may find yourself entirely by chance

going for mushrooms or shortening the path by car and getting stuck with a broken tire. Start with the fact that you need to let the thought into your head as soon as possible that this

has already happened to you, and sooner or later, you need to stop screaming and calling for

help. It would help if you immediately coped with a panic fear. Panic is your worst enemy!

Remember, find yourself one on one with wildlife in the forest. You have a reasonably high chance of waiting for help or remaining unharmed until you get out of

this situation.

If you don’t have to wait for help, you need to look for a way yourself. You should look around and try to find traces; along them, you can

return to the starting point. If such actions did not bring the desired

result, you need to calm down and think about your further actions.

We will try to briefly outline how to survive in the forest without everything in this article.

Find water and start a fire in the forest.

The first thing a person needs is water! So you need to find a parking space near its source. When this is not found, you can use the collection of dew on the large foliage of plants. Fire will be needed to keep them warm at night and deter predators.

It won’t be easy to breed it without matches. If you have glasses with

magnifying glasses with you, then you can safely remember the school life safety lessons and

make a fire from dry moss or grass, and then add small dry chips, then

larger firewood. If you do not have glasses, then the options for making fire, which

ancient people used, will help. You will need a sizeable dry log and a flat stick,

which would be convenient to rotate between the palms. You will also need dry moss, grass, and a stone with a sharp edge. Almost every baby knows what to do next.

Build a shelter in the forest

inventory is needed in order to survive?

You can think about an overnight stay when you already have a fire. As a shelter, you can build a hut. It can be made from large branches by setting them with a cone. It is better if a large tree or stone scrap is used for the backside.

Stay close to the water source when choosing a place to build your shelter. If your situation includes a wrecked car or small plane, stay as close to the wreckage as possible. It would help if you also avoided natural hazards such as dead trees that can fall, rocks, and dry riverbeds. Heavy rains can quickly turn a dry riverbed back into a fast-moving river. Your shelter should be no more than necessary – the more shelter, the more difficult it will be for you to keep warm.

Take care of food

And how to survive in the forest without food? Without the skills of a hunter, it will be challenging to kill the game with the help of improvised means. But you can always use berries and mushrooms in the summer. But how do you know which ones are edible?

Many people know what strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries look like, but you must be careful with other forest gifts. This is where observation comes in handy. Finding a bush with fruits, you need to pay attention to the birds. If they peck at the berries, then the fruits are edible.

With mushrooms, everything is not so simple.

An unfamiliar mushroom can cause poisoning, even if it has traces of an animal eating it. Therefore, if you have

even a little doubt, then do not take risks, do not rush to the next world.

It is better to pay watch to the roots of plants, for example, burdock or dandelion – they are quite suitable for food. Young shoots of reeds and its root will also help to at least satisfy hunger, but you won’t last long on such a plant-based diet, so amphibians will come to the rescue, as it doesn’t sound disgusting.

All snakes are edible, except for sea ones, lizards, and frogs. Before

cooking amphibians, they remove the skin. In frogs, the

thighs of the hind legs are the most nutritious.

In the winter forest, food will be more difficult. In a deciduous forest, tree fungi on the bark and acorns on the ground may remain on the trees. Acorns can be shelled and

crushed to be used for food. In a coniferous forest, you will have to look for cones. Lucky if there is cedar. With the help of a stick, you can dig up worms in the soil and find larvae in rotten stumps under the bark. Hunting a big game is unlikely to succeed, but a person is inventive, so the option of catching a small animal is not excluded. But most likely, an inexperienced hunter will have to be content with

mice and gophers. The latter arrange their dwellings in open meadows and 

caves. Their characteristic mounds from the ground can recognize them. All this sounds vile, but, as they say, hunger is not an aunt!

Out to the people

In search of a way out to people, streams or a river will help. If you go along their channel, you can get to some village. The paths made by animals will help you find a river or stream. It is worth arming yourself with a long stick when looking for a reservoir. Trails can pass through marshland, so the ground underfoot must first be checked with a stick.

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