How to act during an earthquake?

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How to act during an earthquake? Earthquakes are tremors and vibrations as a result of seismic movements of certain parts of the earth`s crust. Manifestation: ground vibrations, formation of cracks, collapses, landslides, mudflows, etc. Earthquakes rank first among natural disasters in terms of human casualties and damage.

How to Prepare for an Earthquake

  • think over in advance a plan of action during an earthquake when you are at home, at work, in transport and on the street;
  • keep documents, money, a flashlight and spare batteries in a convenient place;
  • have at home a supply of drinking water and canned food for several days;
  • move beds away from windows and outside walls;
  • fix cabinets, shelves and racks in the apartments, and remove heavy objects from the upper shelves and mezzanines;
  • store hazardous substances (toxic chemicals), flammable liquids in a safe, well-insulated place;
  • all residents should know where the switch, main gas and water taps are located, in order to turn off electricity, gas and water if necessary.

What to do during an earthquake (How to act during an earthquake)

How to act during an earthquake, Feeling the vibrations of the building, seeing the swinging of lamps, falling objects, hearing the growing rumble and the sound of breaking glass, do not panic (from the moment you feel the first tremors to vibrations dangerous for the building, you have 15-20 seconds).

  • Quickly exit the building, taking documents, money and essentials. When leaving the room, go down the stairs, not the elevator.
  • Once on the street – move to an open place, square, wasteland – away from buildings, poles and power lines.
  • If you are staying indoors, stand in a safe place – against an interior wall, in a corner, in an interior wall opening, or at a supporting post. If possible, hide under a table – it will protect you from falling objects and risers. Stay away from windows and heavy furniture. If you have children with you, cover them with yourself.
  • If you are in a vehicle, stay out in the open, open the doors, but do not leave the vehicle until the jolt has stopped.

What to do after an earthquake

  • Provide first aid to those in need.
  • Free those caught in easily removable blockages.
  • Be careful! Ensure the safety of children, the sick, the elderly. Calm them down.
  • Listen to the messages of the local radio, obey the instructions of the authorities, the headquarters for the aftermath of a natural disaster.
  • Before entering a building, make sure that it does not threaten to collapse stairs, walls, ceilings, do not approach obviously damaged buildings.
  • Do not use signals, electrical switches due to the risk of explosion of accumulated gases.
  • Returning to the apartment, house, check for damage to electrical wiring, gas and water networks. Troubleshoot or disconnect networks. Don’t flush the toilet.

If you’re buried under rubble (How to act during an earthquake)

Breathe deeply, do not let fear overcome you and lose heart, you must try to survive at any cost. Trust that help will come.

  • Assess the situation and study what is positive in it (no injuries, freedom of action, fresh air).
  • Get people’s attention with your voice and knocking.
  • Do not light matches, lighters, candles, take care of oxygen.
  • If the only way out is through a narrow hole, you must squeeze through with your elbows to your sides, pushing with your feet like a turtle.
  • If possible, with the help of improvised items (boards, bricks, etc.), strengthen the ceiling from collapse and wait for help. Look for clothes and blankets.
  • If you are crushed by the ground, try to roll over on your stomach to relieve the pressure on your chest and abdomen.

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