How to send an SOS

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We are all familiar with the word “SOS,” Reading it brings to mind images of letters scrawled on the sand of a deserted island and some shipwrecked man waving his arms frantically nearby. So How to send an SOS.

SOS signals have saved countless lives, but where did SOS signals come from? How can you utilize it if you ever need it? What does it mean? 

You may have heard that SOS means Save Our Souls or Our Ship, but neither is correct. SOS is not short for anything. The Germans first utilized it in 1905 because the Morse code translation is straightforward:

Three dots, three dashes, three dots. The SOS call is universally used and identified throughout the world. Rearward or ahead, upside down or right flank up, they all mean the same thing:  HELP!

Of course, in our current world, we have access to phones, instant chats, 911, and other emergency response teams. But if all this were taken away from us, SOS would emerge as the most famous method of calling for help.

So how would you send an SOS if you must? Not everyone has entry to the radio, but you certainly have access to other tools that can be used to signal for help. There are internationally recognized distress calls that use a variety of instruments.

How to send an SOS.

Use a mirror to reflect sunlight

The reflection of sunlight reflected by the mirror is so bright that it can be seen for many kilometers by manipulating the mirror in the sequence. You can quickly call for help at a great distance.

How to send an SOS Using the whistle

To sound an SOS whistle, you do not need to use the entire sequence of SOS signals. You only need to blow into it three times. If you’ve ever given a baby a whistle, you know that he can easily make a sound that can be attended from a significant distance.

How to send an SOS with a fire

At night, you can send an SOS signal by building three bonfires in the shape of a triangle. During the day, smoke from a campfire can help draw attention to you. Make sure you start your fire at the highest point you can reach so the smoke can be seen from the farthest distance. 

How to send an SOS using sand or rocks

You can write an SOS like you’ve seen in the movies using what you have on hand. You’ll need a vast open space to write in large enough letters and many rocks.

If your SOS is not quickly noticed, you may need to renew it as water or other elements wash it away. Stones can be placed in crosses in the same triangle as campfires for the same effect.

Make a blue and red flag

Thanks to police and fire and rescue vehicles, blue and red lights have also become a signal.

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