Hunting wild animals

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Hunting wild animals differ from other hunting types, such as fishing and hunting birds. Therefore it requires a good study by the hunter before he takes this dangerous step to ensure his safety and preserve his life.

What are wild animals?

 Many types and species of animals live in isolated or uninhabited places, such as desert areas, vast forests, and distant river banks, where these animals live in isolation or groups looking for safety.

What is the food of wild animals?

 Wild animals depend on themselves to obtain food and do not wait for someone to come to feed them, which means that they search for their food and get it through trees, fruits, herbs, and wild plants that naturally grow in the ground without human intervention.

The nearby fish found near the rivers’ shores is, of course, if these animals naturally feed on fish. At other times, the food of some animals is different species of animals as well, since the strong animals can eat the weak ones, and the law of the forests always prevails, survival of the strongest.

What are the types of wild animals?

There are two main types of wild animals, which are herbivores and carnivores and other animals.

One herbivore

Herbivores are animals that feed on wild herbs, fruits, and plants that grow in the ground. They are also beautiful animals in character and shape, and they are often quiet and noisy, such as deer, rabbits of all kinds, giraffes, and other cute animals that, although they live in the wild.

However, they maintain their good nature, do not cause inconvenience to other animals, and do not pose a danger to humans. It remains for pets to protect themselves from two principal dangers: humans approaching them to try to hunt them and the threat of the stronger animals looking for them to prey on them.

 2 carnivores

Carnivores are the most dangerous animals, whether to humans or pets, that we talked about. These animals also live in the wild like domestic animals, but their temperament is very different from theirs.

They do not feed on plants, herbs, or fruits but instead feed on some peaceful pets, and they have no problem with eating humans as well. They are ferocious beasts with a remarkable ability to prey without the help of any external means, as their sharp fangs and teeth, in addition to their claws and muscle strength, are their primary combat tools.

How to hunt wild animals

The methods of hunting wild animals vary according to the purpose of hunting and the laws of each country to preserve the life of the animals and save some of their species from extinction and extinction. Each hunter chooses the method of hunting that he deems most appropriate in terms of his ability to use it and its quality in hunting the animal he will chase.

1 using nets

Some use nets to catch wild animals by preparing a large-sized net, considering that it is strong so that it does not break when the animal tries to escape after hunting. The hunter places the net in the place where the animal he wants to hunt passes, and as soon as the animal enters it, the hunter begins to tighten and close it from a distance until the animal becomes a prisoner inside it. Then the hunter starts to deal with the animal and transport it.

2 using guns

This technique is often used with hazardous animals, and the hunter shouldn’t approach them to avoid losing his life. The hunter hides in a safe place away from these animals’ eyes, and when his prey appears, he shoots at it from a distance. He prefers to approach her only when he is sure of her injury and inability to resist so as not to endanger his life. He was designated for this.

3 Hunting wild animals through traps.

┬áIn this case, the hunter makes a tight trap for the animal where the animal is often located, and he can put an appropriate bait that attracts the animal to the trap’s location. Like the animal’s favorite food or one of the other small animals, until the animal decides to prey on it, it falls into the trap quickly, and the hunter can easily catch it. Don’t miss this article Hunting for food .

4 Hunting wild animals through the call

Another funny method that some hunters use in hunting wild animals is the call method. This means that the hunter makes the animal sound, which requires high skill in imitating so that the animal is deceived and comes out of its hiding place, thinking that one of its animal friends is calling it.
At the same time, the hunter has prepared the appropriate trap for this animal. As soon as he comes out of his hiding, he falls into the trap quickly, where the hunter can catch it without trouble or excellent resistance. In all ways of hunting wild animals, the hunter must take all the means that guarantee his safety and not be exposed to danger during the various hunting attempts.

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