Is rainwater clean and safe to drink?

Is rainwater clean and safe to drink
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Once upon a time, our world was filled with 100% pure natural resources that were free to use without worrying about pollutants. Water was one such resource. Unfortunately, due to the growth of development, pollution, and industrialization, we can no longer enjoy clean water anytime we want…except for rainwater. But we should to know first, Is rainwater clean and safe to drink?

Is rainwater safe ?

Rainwater is a natural supply of clean drinking water, both for plants and all living things and us. In multiple nations, it is the primary source of drinking water.

Is rainwater clean and safe to drink

There are many arguments as to how safe it is to drink rainwater. If you live out from a big city where the air is fresh and clean, rainwater is safe to drink as long as the catchment you use is pristine and the rain doesn’t come into touch with tree branches or debris. If you live in a big town or near a power plant, chemical plant, or industrial plant, your rainwater is likely to contain airborne pollutants. It is highly recommended to purify the water before drinking it. If rainwater has been in the container for several days, it is recommended to treat it to kill viruses or bacteria that may have entered it.

In survival situations or emergencies where your options are limited, it is safer to drink rainwater than other water that may come from sources such as a lake, river, or stream. Purification is required for any other type of water found in the wild, even inside plants.

Is rainwater clean and safe to drink

The difference between filtered and purified water

Filtered water guides to water that has been cleansed of debris. It may look clean to the naked eye, but there is a high risk of infection with waterborne pathogens. We recommend filtering the water with cheesecloth or cloth before cleaning.

There are three treatment systems: natural, chemical, and commercial filtration.

What are sources of water that are safer to drink?

Is rainwater clean and safe to drink

No specific source is preferred over another because each requires cleansing. However, if you have access to multiple options, choose the one with the cleanest water.

  • Streams and rivers. Please make sure the color of the water is clear and that there are no leeches or larvae in it. A dead animal can pollute the river downstream, and the water will be contaminated even if it looks clean.
  • Muddy water. Any cloudy water must first be filtered or strained and then purified.
  • Still water. This water is commonly found in tree trunks and small ponds.
  • Digging near a water source. Start searching a few meters from the bank of a river or lake until you find water. This water should be much cleaner but still requires purification. The chances of finding water in a dry river bed are higher on the outer bends of the river and in shady or rocky areas.
  • Plants. Many plants make excellent water sources, such as bamboo, coconut, and banana trees, as well as plants with large leaves.

How to purify water in a survival environment

In this article, you can read about how to find and purify water in conditions of survival in the wild, which outlines several ways to filter it.

Is rainwater clean and safe to drink

Water is the most vital resource in the world. On average, a person cannot live without water for more than a week. By the third day, the body will begin to break down rapidly, leading to the gradual weakening of some organs and ultimately to their shutdown. I don’t recommend trying this task at home.

One of the most priceless lessons we can learn in survival is finding water and purifying it. At some point in our lives, we may be presented with many scenarios, from droughts to floods. During a lack, we will struggle to find water. During the flood, our battle will be to get rid of the water and find clean water to drink. We will have to purify water regardless of our situation. Using natural (boil) methods is recommended whenever possible, but some chemical and commercial cleaning methods are also effective.

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