Jungle of Africa

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Which of us has not dreamed at least once in our lives. To visit the heart of the African continent – the jungle and experience many adventures there. Which are often shown in films. Let’s lift the veil of secrecy today and take a look at what is going on there. In this mysterious and not fully explored world.

With the onset of morning, these wild forests, covering the territory from Uganda to Sierra Leone, begin to wake up. This vast territory, stretching over 5,000 km, has a lot of light, humidity and heat, more than on the rest of the continent.

real paradise

For the world of flora and fauna, this is a real paradise. The trees here grow so densely that the sun’s rays sometimes fail to reach the ground.

The plants here are diverse, some trees are covered with thorns, and many trunks are entwined with lianas. Trees such as Cameroonian ebony, dalbergia grow in these forests, the wood of which is very valuable in industry.

Most of the animals that inhabit the African jungle are arboreal animals, which are handy for climbing trees. This is the kingdom of the monkey people, of which there are a huge number. Here are colobuses, which were previously valued because of their fur and proboscis, and two types of humanoids – gorilla and chimpanzee .

The reproduction of monkeys is controlled by the crowned eagle, which hunts them, despite the dense thickets. It is worth some monkey to gape, as he immediately overtakes the poor fellow and drags him to his nest to feast on.

Walking in the forest, you can meet a smaller copy of the giraffe – okapi, which lives in the thicket, and even stumble upon a predator. Leopards, wild cats, civets are also enough and they can wait for you, sitting on a tree. Do not forget to look around , many tropical snakes also like to wait for the victim, wrapping themselves around a tree branch.

By the way, civet (civet) are the animals thanks to which gourmets can enjoy the most expensive Kopi Luwak coffee. Its grains pass through the digestive tract of these animals before roasting.

Cacophony of sounds

During the day, there is an unimaginable noise in the jungle , animals and birds, of which there are also many here, create a cacophony of sounds , interrupted only by the period of rain that pours here every day for a couple of hours. Because of this, the amount of precipitation in some areas can reach ten meters per year.

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