What to do if you get lost in the woods?

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With the onset of warm weather, more and more people are heading to the forest. Therefore, many people are lost in the woods. These are some tips to know how to deal with this situation.

Share your location

When heading into the woods, let your friends or neighbors know where you are reaching and when you intend to come back. Do not go deep into unfamiliar terrain. If you still decide to go, leave landmarks along the way so that you can return to a familiar place.

The backpack is important

Take a backpack with you, which should contain a cell phone charged. A compass (it is essential to know how to use this device), a knife, a flashlight, matches, or a lighter in waterproof packaging.

It is also advisable to take a bowler hat, a small supply of food, water, plastic wrap for a cape or a canopy from the rain, and necessary medicines. Remember: your clothes should be bright. This will allow you to see yourself, for example, from the air.

 If you get lost in the woods, don’t panic

If you get lost in the woods, you should immediately stop, calm down and not panic. Listen carefully. With possible noises such as car horns, locomotives, and other signals of artificial origin, it is best to follow their sound. If there are no sound landmarks, it is best to “go out on the water” (the stream will lead to the river, the river to the people).

Be Safe if you get lost in the woods

You can also walk along the power line. You can climb a tree and see if the chimneys of houses, factories, bell towers, or towers are visible anywhere (you should be especially careful here).
Pay attention to the paths of the wood trodden by man. It is also important to remember the following:

  • It is dangerous to move at night;
  • You can not walk along animal paths, as they can lead to a meeting with wild animals;
  • Do not go out to swampy areas of the forest, especially those covered with duckweed;
  • should not eat Unfamiliar wild plants.

Control your mind when you lost in the woods

Avoiding a dangerous situation is always easier than acting in the current extreme circumstances. Search operations in the wild require severe material; therefore, we recommend you correctly assess your strengths and capabilities before going into the forest.

In extreme situations, you must contact the rescuers. A timely message about the incident received on the emergency call number allows you to complete the search for the lost as soon as possible.

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