How to protect yourself from dogs

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This article will tell you how to protect yourself when meeting ordinary street dogs. Whether it’s one stray dog, someone’s a pet dog that got off the leash or a pack of dogs that decided to make prey out of you and attack. Here is the most important thing you need to remember to survive this confrontation.
Never turn your back on your dog. There are only a few cases when you can do this – when you are sure that you can
run away from them.
Here is the first case: when you have a car nearby, and the dog is far away and runs at you, you are sure that you will have time to run to the car and close. Then yes, this option will work.

The second case: is if there is a store nearby or a dwelling where you can also run in and hide from this rabid dog.

protect yourself If escape is not possible

If you are in nature, next to a reservoir, you need to run into the water, but you don’t need to swim across the pool. It is enough to run up to the neck, and if the dog 

is very aggressive, he will try to swim after you. In this case, when

she loses her footing and begins to float. The person already has an advantage in maneuver. You can grab the dog and drown it under the water, after which the aggressor will understand that he does not have any benefits. She has turned from a hunter into a victim. Her instinct will tell her that she needs to save her skin in such a situation, and she will try to retreat.

In other cases, if the place of salvation is far enough away, then in no case should you run here. If the dog sees your back, this gives you the moral right to run after you. The dog has all the instincts to catch up with his prey. The acceleration of the dog is quite powerful, and at speed, this dog can knock down even a healthy man. As soon as a person falls, he loses his advantage in height. The dog gains courage and begins to rattle and tear his prey.

Defense against dogs attacks

A person’s task is to get out of this incident without loss. Keep your hands

in front of you and slowly step back. If several dogs are trying to attack you, who are trying to surround and assail from the back, in this case, you can snuggle up to a tree or a pole. You can snuggle up to the wall of the house or the car, preventing the environment and bites from the back.

If there are still means for self-defense, then it is better to use them. The best tool is a regular stun gun. Dogs are afraid not so much of shocker blows as of the sound it makes.

If you are a professional survivalist, then you should have a gas canister with you. This item in your pocket can be a life-saving remedy for a dog. It is enough to spray its contents in front of you, and most dogs
will retreat. All this is due to the point that the sensitivity of a dog is hundreds of times greater than that of a person.

But what if you don’t have a gas cartridge or a stun gun? Your task in a fight with a dog is to defend yourself. If you have a backpack, throw it off and hold it in front of you so that you get protection in the form of a shield, it can
also be a jacket that you have time to remove. It can be an umbrella, opening to protect yourself from the dog. When a dog attacks, put the defense under attack, and the animal
will cling to it, and at this moment, you punch the dog with all your strength in the nose. This is
the most sensitive area, and a good blow to the dog will be excruciating and unpleasant.
If you have an elementary pen or keys in your pocket, this is quite tricky for self-defense. At the moment of impact with a pen or key, all the muscular strength in hand is concentrated on a minor point, leading to a piercing effect and can cause severe damage.
A simple whistle is one of the most effective ways to stop a dog attack. The dog will be unpleasant sounds, especially if they are loud enough. Loud pops, explosions, and a simple whistle are more likely to scare off an aggressive dog.

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  • Great post and tips! I was often taught to stand still and not move when faced with an aggressive animal. But I love your tips, especially the tree hugging and the getting into a nearby car

    • Thank you, Sherry, for your interest in this topic. I liked your blog too. I look forward to reading your future posts.

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