Improvised self-defense equipment

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I am a big supporter of the right of self-defense with weapons. But in our country, few people can legally carry a firearm. You rarely meet a person with a knife or other weapon.

This does not mean that you are defenseless in the event of an attack. If you are ready to improvise, these items can save your life. Moreover, you can take them with you anywhere.


This is the best-improvised self-defense weapon because it allows you to defend yourself from a distance.

Umbrellas also have pointed ends and can be used as non-lethal self-defense weapons. You can also use the umbrella as a club to hit the attacker. It’s not heavy enough to knock anyone out, but it should buy the time you need or scare off your attacker.

Ordinary umbrellas are cheaply made and won’t do you much good in a life-or-death situation. You might want to consider getting a durable self-defense umbrella for this purpose. Yes, these umbrellas are on sale and will keep you dry from the rain.

self-defense using a Keys

Keys make an excellent impromptu self-defense weapon, but not how most people think of using it.

Most individuals think they should hold their keys to stick out. Yes, it looks threatening and can scare off an intruder.

However, the keys that stick out between your fingers are volatile, and when hit, they dig into your palm and can also hurt your fingers.

Instead, take the main bunch into a fist and work with the most extended key. Keep the key between your index finger and thumb. They will be more stable in this position, and you can damage the attacker’s eye with a protruding key.

Self-defense with pen

It would help if you got close to the attacker to use an ordinary pen as a weapon. But if used properly, a pen, pencil, or other pointed objects can save your life.

To make a pen a useful self-defense weapon, you must stick it in the right places. These include:

  • Eyes
  • Throat
  • armpits
  • Neck base
  • Groin

There are special “tactical pens.” While some are great, I wouldn’t spend my money on them.

What is the reason? It’s not that they are ineffective. If I had to slay somebody with one of those pens, I could face legal action because it was accomplished with a tactical pen, not a regular one.

A handful of change

A handful of changes may not seem like a good self-defense weapon, but it can give you the precious moments you need to save your life.

If the attacker approaches you, take the change out of your pockets and throw it at the attacker. Even though this will not harm the attacker, it will trigger a defense reaction. You will only distract the attacker for a moment and can use that moment to run or draw another weapon.

You can also use anything else to lunge at the intruder. A cup of hot coffee would be nice, as would a rock under your feet.


The bag will become a good self-defense weapon if used correctly. Grab your bag and lift it to shoulder level. Holding on to the belt, start swinging the bag around you. Of course, you cannot significantly injure the attacker in this way, but it can divert the attacker and keep him at length from you.

Bags, backpacks, and briefcases can also effectively block knife attacks. However, this will require good skill and reaction.

But ladies often have items in their purses that can make a tremendous impromptu self-defense weapon.

  • Hairspray or deodorant spray
  • Nail file 
  • Nail scissors

Do you have a lighter and a bottle of hair spray? You can use these items as a flamethrower. Direct the jet at the attacker and set it on fire. An intruder is unlikely to want to get close to you.

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