How to survive the zombie apocalypse 2023

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The zombie apocalypse is a familiar concept found in horror literature. Recently, zombie-themed games have grown exponentially due to the popularity of zombies in classic movies. But what would you do if everything twisted upside down and you had to survive from zombie apocalypse 2023 the end of the world on your own? Could you do it?

When seasoned survivalists talk about how to survive a zombie apocalypse 2023, they aren’t talking about the undead. They talk about those people who are not prepared or well prepared for a disaster event or an economic collapse.

These improvised people will quickly run out of food and supplies. They will become so desperate that they will do anything to feed themselves and their families. And they’re about to show up on your doorstep.

Who are Zombies (zombie apocalypse 2023)

A zombie is a virus-stricken person or a crowd of hungry people desperate for food. The problem is that these zombies may be strangers, or they may be people you once knew. No less dangerous are the survivors. You may think it will be easy to chase away hungry and desperate strangers, but you may feel very different when it’s your neighbor, co-worker, or a few of your child’s school friends.

Survivors will be desperate to get what they need to survive, and if you have food and supplies and they don’t, there’s no telling what they can do to get them. Some will even try to take them from you by force. If you are not ready to deal with them, you and your family may leave without supplies.

Zombies never stop looking for food.

The zombies will take everything they can and won’t remember the last time they had it. This means that these dead are doomed to a lifetime of endless hunting and eating. Unfortunately for the human race, we are their preferred food source!

When their numbers are big enough, they usually gather and hunt in packs for food, which can be a big problem to avoid meeting them.

Unless the authorities drop a few nukes and prevent the spread of a viral infection, you’d better have an ample supply of everything you need to survive the zombie apocalypse 2023. Entire governments will fall, and everything will depend on whether you still have the necessary things to stay, whether you have something like an underground bunker or a fallout shelter.

Zombies can move fast.

While zombie films portray zombies as slow, lumbering creatures that barely move, zombie researchers have seen that zombie speed varies by counting on the zombie itself. Zombies can sometimes walk extremely fast, making them a deadly force. For this reason, staying away from areas infested with zombies is recommended.

It would help if you left the most significant cities as quickly as possible. Any places with metropolitan areas or high population density should be DEAD ZONES for you. Try to find housing in places far from cities. Survival camps will be formed in more deserted areas.

Only brain damage will stop zombies.

You may be competent to slow down the attacker by damaging their midsection and legs. This will not end their relentless pursuit of you or their bloodlust. The only way to slay a zombie is with a solid blow to the head. You can cut off the lead, shoot it, or stick a knife into the undead’s skull.

To kill the zombies, you will need to hit their infected brains. You can either smash it, put a bullet, or run it over. Dealer’s Choice! Separating the brain stem from the rest of the body will prevent the undead from continuing to function.

Zombies love the night.

Zombies prefer to be under cover of night. In the dark, zombie movements are less noticeable, and zombie attacks will be more successful. However, daytime attacks are also likely and no less dangerous. Therefore, always be on the lookout. Zombies’ eyes see well at night, and they can easily spot you. 

If you don’t move fast, you’re dead.

The undead has incredible power. Once they grab you, this should end quickly. If you encounter zombies, it is suggested that you move quickly and get out of the zombie’s line of sight as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be difficult to fight off more than one.

What do you need to survive the zombie apocalypse 2023?

To survive the end of the world and fight off the hordes of zombies, you will need a lot of supplies. Here are some recommendations:

  • hiking backpack filled with a change of clothes, a water bottle, a first aid kit, a map of the local region, a weapon of your choice
  • flashlight
  • watch
  • survival knife
  • water purification tablets
  • standalone radio – to listen to messages about zombies or calls for help from other survivors
  • food

It is also essential to plan an escape route in case an attack occurs when you least expect it – during sleep. Know where you need to run without warning and memorize it.

How to tell if a horde is coming

You must start paying close attention to your surroundings once the apocalypse hits. There will never be a safe day in your life. Here are a few signs to peek out for to determine if the horde is coming your way:

  • Listen to sounds of zombies from afar (walking zombies make a moan, running zombies make an angry moan or growl)
  • Look at the sky for flying birds – these are signs of approaching zombies.
  • Avoid places with abandoned cars – if cars are left, the site has already been attacked, and there may be zombies nearby.

Also, note: that zombies can attack at any time. Please remember that just because the sun has risen does not mean you have protection against an attack on your hideout.

Preparing for the zombie apocalypse 2023

If you want to start preparing for the apocalypse, here are a few things you can start doing today:

  • Stock up on non-perishable food – at least six months for each member of your family
  • create takeaway bags for every member of your family
  • have enough weapons hidden but easily accessible so that they can be quickly taken with you
  • take training courses on the use of firearms you currently own
  • stay fit and stay active
  • build a safe shelter
  • create escape routes and rendezvous points for your family

I hope this report has provided you with food for thought and ideas to work with your friends and family this week. but dont worry there is a 100% probability that none of this will ever happen.

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